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WhatsApp Red
App Name WhatsApp Red
App Version V30
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category Red WhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7988)

Download Red WhatsApp Anti Ban Free Version.
Red WhatsApp is one of the hottest messaging and chatting apps available today.
Thanks to the creative developer, who has downloaded a new update for the app and launched a new version called Red WhatsApp, so that users can enjoy great features that are not available in any other app.
Red WhatsApp is one of the modified versions of the regular WhatsApp that has many great features that have become popular among many users.

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Download Red WhatsApp for free

In addition, among these great features and characteristics that the Red WhatsApp update, the latest version contains, is the download of Red WhatsApp, which is a powerful alternative and a fierce competitor to the green version of WhatsApp.
This is because the Red WhatsApp app has unique features that are not found in any other app.

Learn with us ways to use Red WhatsApp, the latest version, against hackers.

Where you can customize the new Red WhatsApp by changing themes, wallpapers, conversation color, messages, fonts, text size, alerts and other options that you like and want to use.

Also, the Red WhatsApp version is new.
You can activate additional options, such as sending messages without showing the appearance status, or to only see the writing status when pressing the button to send a message, and many other options.
In addition, you can use the Red WhatsApp update to send large files, enable the hide function for your chats, control the read flag, view notifications, and much more.

We guarantee you a great and flawless user experience, due to the quality of our developers and programmers working on this version.
The timing issue has been fixed in the new update.

What are the features that prompt you to download the new update for the modern and developed Red WhatsApp?

It can be said that Red WhatsApp is the perfect choice for those who want to experience WhatsApp in a more flexible and free way.

It allows users to access their preferred chat appearance and adjust settings to suit their needs with precision and confidence.

Therefore, Red WhatsApp brings you unique features that make it different from the regular app, and allows users to enjoy additional benefits.

Among the main differences between Red WhatsApp, the latest version, and the new version, we can mention the function of customizing the appearance and choosing between many different themes and distinctive wallpapers that give the application an elegant and distinctive look.

The Red WhatsApp update also brings additional options to control privacy and security.

How to hide the appearance, protect conversations with a password, and allow users to customize the application icon and colors as desired.

As for the regular WhatsApp application, it is a reliable and easy-to-use application, but it lacks some additional features offered by the WhatsApp Gold application, and is limited to basic settings for privacy and security.

How to modify settings for Red WhatsApp Antivirus. Privacy in Red WhatsApp

The new update of the Red WhatsApp application gives you complete freedom to customize the appearance and settings, and you can select the shape of the lock that you want to protect your private data and conversations from any unauthorized person to access them. Thanks to the Red WhatsApp application, you can delay the display of your caller status or hide it completely, allowing you to control At the time you want to enter the application and interact with the conversations.

In addition, Red WhatsApp provides users with a hidden read mark, control over the display of messages, and it does not appear when they have been read, which helps maintain privacy even more.

Deleting messages from chats can create suspicion and anxiety among users.

This feature can be important for some people who want to protect their privacy or want to get rid of unwanted messages.

Since Red WhatsApp is among the apps that allow users to delete messages from conversations, it also gives the ability to delete messages at the other end of the conversation.
the size
Red WhatsApp consumes a lot of space on the phone due to several factors, including:

1- The volume of incoming and outgoing messages within Red WhatsApp

All incoming and outgoing messages and attachments are saved on the phone, and this increases the size of the app over time.

2- Save backups, Red WhatsApp entered.

Backups of all conversations in the phone are periodically saved, and this increases the size of the application.

3- Minor software updates.

Red WhatsApp uses some secondary programs such as audio, video and image libraries, and periodic updates to these programs increase the size of the application.

What are the security requirements for the new Red WhatsApp update.

Red WhatsApp also uses modern security technologies that require a lot of phone space, such as encryption of messages and calls, and identity verification updates.

The Red WhatsApp update improves phone space usage, improves compression features, reduces app size, and improves data storage.

    Security Red WhatsApp.

    Security in this case can be understood as protecting your personal data and communications in the WhatsApp application from unauthorized access by third parties. It is important to ensure that you have an app lock on your phone to prevent unauthorized access.

    In addition to activating all the privacy options available in the Red WhatsApp application, to achieve maximum security and preserve your privacy and personal data.

    You can look for ways to improve the security in Red WhatsApp, the possible risks of unauthorized access to your personal data.

    How safe and secure is Red WhatsApp?

    This is because Red WhatsApp is based on the same infrastructure and receives the same updates as the regular WhatsApp.
    Therefore, users should follow the security measures recommended by the company and update the app regularly to keep their data safe and protected from hackers and cyberattacks.

    Learn with us about the privacy features of Red WhatsApp.

    Red WhatsApp update is available with distinct settings to maintain your privacy while using the application.

    You can open Red WhatsApp and talk to friends and customers without worrying about disturbing others.

    You can also let others see that you have not used the app for a long time, which helps you maintain your privacy and convenience.

    These premium features give you complete control and access to the app, giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your privacy is being protected.

    1- The sent media.

    Where and when to send multimedia via the original application Red WhatsApp. There are strict limits on the number of photos and the size of videos that can be sent. For example, up to 200 photos can be sent at a time, which makes sending impractical.

    Also, the size of the video should be less than 15 megabytes, and this makes it unnecessary to send it in many cases. Due to these strict restrictions, many are resorting to using the new Red WhatsApp application, which allows you to send many large photos and videos without having to cut or crop them. Thus, users can make use of the media sent more efficiently through the Red WhatsApp.
    Downloading Red WhatsApp, latest version, is different from the regular WhatsApp, as the quality of the media sent through Red WhatsApp is much higher than the quality in the regular WhatsApp application.

    2- Star Messages in Red WhatsApp.

    Starring important messages keeps you from keeping them in the feature list, making it easy to come back to them at any time.
    In addition, you can easily find these messages among the many others you have received, making it easy to quickly access the information you need.

    3- Scheduled messages in Red WhatsApp.

    This function is a virtual presence function, and it provides you with the ability to notify your friends and clients of your presence, even if they are not available at the moment. You can set the message that will be shown to others and set a specific time to automatically send it to the specified people.

    Thus, others can contact you or leave you a message, and you are under no obligation to respond immediately. This feature is useful for people who need to save time and reply to messages at a later time.

    4- The feature of disconnecting the Internet (flight mode) from the new Red WhatsApp update.

    This feature allows you to keep notifications on your device, so you can focus on the task at hand without being distracted.
    Later, you can return to your pending notifications to view and respond to them.

    5- Hide conversations in Red WhatsApp.

    This added function is the code protection or "passcode lock" function, which is a function that provides users with the protection of their content and maintains their privacy.
    When this feature is enabled, a user's passcode is required to access protected content, making it difficult for anyone else to access the content without the required code.

    6- The feature of downloading WhatsApp statuses from Red WhatsApp

    When you like a certain Red WhatsApp status, you have several ways to keep it. If the status is visible, you can download it simply by clicking the download button below the status.
    If the status is text, you can copy and keep it in a text file or share it through the app. This allows you to easily enjoy the statuses you like and share them with your friends.

    7- Customize the interface in Red WhatsApp.

    Red WhatsApp update against ban offers you to customize the interface to your liking, so you can change the appearance, themes and colors as you wish.
    And there is nothing in the app that you can't change and set up the way you want.
    Where Red WhatsApp can choose the application icon, notification icons, and everything else, and also change the program line only without affecting the phone line
    You can also change the language of the app without any issues. In addition, the application allows you to get the status you want, Download it if visible and copy and share text states as you like.

    8- Add many backgrounds and themes to Red WhatsApp.

    Many backgrounds and themes have been added. Enter the latest update of the new Red WhatsApp.
    The application allows you to choose themes that suit your taste and completely change the appearance of the application.
    Red WhatsApp You can choose new backgrounds for the conversation, change the color of the fonts, icons and top bars in the application, as well as choose different themes.
    There is also a special server for additional themes, where you can easily download and install your favorite themes and change the appearance of the application in a completely different way.

    9- Personal messages in Red WhatsApp

    If you are using the original version of WhatsApp, the custom messages feature helps you organize messages more effectively and allows you to receive a large number of messages without any problem.
    This feature separates some messages from others and displays them independently.
    This allows you to follow the messages you want faster. And when you enable notifications for these personalized messages, you can receive notifications for only those specific messages, which helps you better manage your time and improve your efficiency in using the app.

    10- Lock the Red WhatsApp application, the new update.

    The Red WhatsApp update brings you the feature that allows you to close the app in different ways. This is to provide security and protection for the content of your chats.
    Red WhatsApp allows you to choose the lock method that suits you, whether it is a password, pattern, or even a fingerprint if your phone supports this technology.
    Thus, no one will be able to access your private conversations unless they enter your secret code or reveal your fingerprint. This feature protects you from spying and hacking and helps maintain your privacy.

    11- Deleted messages and media do not disappear in Red WhatsApp

    You can now read messages that have been deleted in Red WhatsApp, the original version, as this function gives you the chance not to lose messages even if the sender has deleted them.
    When this function is activated, all deleted messages are automatically saved, and appear to you at the time you need.
    You are notified that the message has been deleted by the other person, so you never lose touch with the conversation. You can easily access this feature through the Red Whatsapp settings

    12- Update Red WhatsApp without ads

    Red WhatsApp is characterized by the absence of advertisements, and this means that the application continues to work without any financial return from the user, and provides you with the use of all its functions without any disturbance from annoying ads.

    In addition, all functions of the application are available for immediate setup and use, and there is no need to download additional extensions or ask for any financial compensation, which makes using the application easy and simple without additional costs.

    13-Red WhatsApp is compatible with all smart devices and all operating systems.

    Red WhatsApp is compatible with all devices and different versions of the Android system, even weak and low-capacity devices.

    The compatible versions are specially designed to provide optimum performance and maintain the working speed without stuttering or heaviness in the phone.
    So, Red WhatsApp, all smartphone users can enjoy Red WhatsApp services on their devices without any problem.

    14- Multiple copies of Red WhatsApp

    Red WhatsApp's multi-copy feature allows you to manage more than one WhatsApp account on the same device.
    You can install multiple copies of the application on the same device, and run each copy independently of the other.
    Thus, you can manage different accounts with ease and ease, without having to use multiple devices or constantly logging in and out of different accounts.
    The required version of Red WhatsApp can be downloaded and installed on the device according to your business or personal needs.

    15- The stickers in the Red WhatsApp update, the new version.

    Many stickers have been added to Red WhatsApp in every update and they can be found in different collections ranging from funny, emotional, emoji and many more.
    Like Red WhatsApp, users can create their own stickers using their personal photos or the photos they want to use, which increases the possibilities of expression and interaction in conversations.

    16- The function of sending many photos and videos at once, within Red WhatsApp

    It provides you to send a large number of photos and videos at the same time with the new update Red WhatsApp,
    Where you can select all the photos and videos you want to send at once, then send them by pressing the send button. Thus, everything will be sent without any problems.

    17- Group call through Red WhatsApp

    The developer has added a group calling feature to the Red WhatsApp update, and it allows users to easily connect with their friends, family, and colleagues in group audio or video calls.

    18- The advantage of opening my number on Red WhatsApp on the same phone

    Two WhatsApp numbers can be opened on the same phone with the latest WhatsApp. The application provides the option to add a second account without the need to install another WhatsApp application.
    In this way, multiple accounts on the same mobile phone can be managed easily.

    19- What is the function of VPN in Red WhatsApp

    Red WhatsApp provides VPN function and VPN technology to bypass blocking and allow the use of blocked apps. But this is not something directly related to Red WhatsApp.

    How to open a Red WhatsApp Web account for PC on all types of devices without errors?!

    How to open Red WhatsApp Web for PC against ban?!

    This version is usable on a computer, and you can open WhatsApp Web through the following steps:

    Step 1:

    Type in the WhatsApp Web search bar, and a QR code to be read will appear.

      Step 2:

      Launch Red WhatsApp and click on the three dots at the top of the screen, then choose WhatsApp Web. The barcode reader will appear.

        Step 3:

        Place the entire computer barcode into the frame

          The importance of updating WhatsApp

          The application may be exposed to viruses and security threats. This makes it necessary to take the necessary precautions to protect your phone and personal data. In the event of a data leak, there is no person or source responsible for the application to handle data recovery.

          Also when using WhatsApp Web on your computer. You should also keep the WhatsApp application open on your mobile phone. This causes inconvenience and distraction when using the app on two different devices at the same time.

          Likewise, the inability to link the WhatsApp number to Facebook accounts, which causes difficulties in communicating between the personal accounts of business owners.
          Also, using WhatsApp does not provide sufficient verification of the identity of the person talking to you. Anyone can access the app and talk to others easily. This causes concern for users who want to protect their privacy and personal security.

            Other Red WhatsApp updates

            Users will be able to tap and copy their chats as soon as the app is updated, and they will be notified. Among the add-ons that could benefit from needing to be updated, this includes:

            Red WhatsApp has improved the display of media used for the first time and there are no other problems. This requires user control and is not automatic.

            Improved use of the added options for the number of shared media. Especially when it is selected and submitted from the user gallery, and there are no other workflow problems after that.

            The update validity has been increased to be longer, which means it can be used for at least 4 months. Then it can be upgraded to the higher version to take advantage of the new features.

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